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New Ventures in the Arts Wiki - Spring 2017

A wiki is just a website that is open to revision by all of its members.  Think of it as a shared folder of documents for your team.  This website has three primary purposes:

  1. Enable teams to revise documents more easily by maintaining one central file location.
  2. Maintain an ongoing archive of all group discussions.
  3. Allow the instructor to monitor group activity and assist in group productivity.

In order to maintain open communication and fair assessment of your work, there is no anonymity on this website.  Your name is attached to every change that you make, including any deletions.  Spamming, flaming, or any negative comments that could be considered discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  Consider this space an internal website for a company and that your supervisors have full access to your postings.

This website is closed to just students of the New Ventures in the Arts course -- it is not advertised on any public channels or search engines.  In addition, you only have access to your team's pages.  Therefore, you are safe to post private information for your projects, but I would advise against posting any personal information beyond your phone number and e-mail address.  Also, any attempt to access restricted information will be treating the same as cheating on a test and will be dealt with as such.

To learn how to add information, create a new page, etc., click here.

David McGraw

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