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On Monday, the FDA approved a drug that targets cancer through genetics and DNA rather than the tumor. This drug is called Vitrakvi and was developed by a company named Loxo Oncology. This company's approach is to develop drugs that act on cancerous genetic mutations rather than the type of cancer/tumor the person has and Vitrakvi was the first one that the company has gotten approved. Although, this treatment does come with a big price tag. This drug costs $393,000 a year for adults. For pediatric patients the drug costs around $132,000. This whole topic interests me because this company is targeting the specific genetic mutation rather than the type of cancer. It is more specific and is a new way to approach a cancer treatment. This whole idea of research targeted on the genetic mutation started after the attention in 2013 when it was discovered that endometrial cancer was genetically similar to forms of ovarian and breast cancer. This company has said to have promising results with a 81% response rate, meaning their tumor shrank. This is only the second time the FDA approved a drug for cancer that is based on a specific mutation rather than the cancer's tumor type. 

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