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A new DNA test could save over 3,000 babies a year from killer diseases. Not only will it predict these certain life debilitating ailments, but it could also stop some from taking grip. Professor Mark Caulfield said "A third of children with a rare disease will die before their fifth birthday." It is a more in depth version of the heel prick test, which can only detect nine conditions. Where as genome testing not only will find diseases but will actually be able to treat and maybe even reverse these conditions. This is very reassuring considering out of the 7,000 babies born in the UK every year, 1 out of the 260 will develop a serious disease. Theses diseases could have been prevented by DNA testing, which cost just under 1000 pounds. This test will specifically target cystic fibrosis and severe epilepsy to allow for early treatment, but multiple other diseases can also be found and treated unlike before.

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