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These instructions are outdated - this page will need revision for the revised 23andMe registration.

This page will guide you through the steps and the decisions for registering a DNA test kit from 23andMe.

If you are not registering a kit, a trial account can be set up to use the 23andMe website and explore the different features provided to customers.

Be certain to look at each of the following categories when setting up the account for your kit:

Settings Options
Personal Profile

If you do not already have an account on 23andMe, create an account. Decide what email account you want to use. You will be able to control messaging to your email, from solicitations to contacts from relatives, but here is where you should determine the email account where you want the messages directed. If you already have an account, or if you wanted to add your kit to a shared account, Sign In to the account to which you would like to register your kit. Multiple kits can be registered to a single 23andMe account. To view the results of the different kits, use the 'Switch Kits' option on upper-left account menu. Lastly, you need to accept 23andMe's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, so make sure you have read these and that they are acceptable to you.

23andMe Privacy Policy - Your Identity
As you can see, 23andMe collects your name, birth date and sex as personal information. Processing of the kit will yield your genetic information. During the processing stage, your sample will only be identified by the unique barcode. However, within the 23andMe database and website, your genetic data is associated with your personal information.
23andMe Terms of Service, User Representations
In this course, a 23andMe genetic test kit is available for your use. By accepting a kit, you agree to the following User Representation from 23andMe's Terms of Service.

By accessing 23andMe Services, you agree to, acknowledge, and represent as follows:

  1. You understand that information you learn from 23andMe is not designed to independently diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease or to ascertain the state of your health in the absence of medical and clinical information. You understand that the 23andMe services are intended for research, informational, and educational purposes only, and that while 23andMe information might point to a diagnosis or to a possible treatment, it should always be confirmed and supplemented by additional medical and clinical testing and information. You acknowledge that 23andMe urges you to seek the advice of your physician or other health care provider if you have questions or concerns arising from your Genetic Information.
  2. You give permission to 23andMe, its contractors, successors and assignees to perform genotyping services on the DNA extracted from your saliva sample and you specifically request 23andMe to disclose the results of analyses performed on your DNA to you and to others you specifically authorize.
  3. You represent that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older if you are providing a saliva sample or accessing your Genetic Information.
  4. You are guaranteeing that any sample you provide is your saliva; if you are agreeing to these TOS on behalf of a person for whom you have legal authorization, you are confirming that the sample provided will be the sample of that person.
  5. If you are a customer outside the U.S. providing a saliva sample, you confirm that this act is not subject to any export ban or restriction in the country in which you reside.
  6. You agree that any saliva sample you provide and all resulting data may be transferred and/or processed outside the country in which you reside.
  7. You are warranting that you are not an insurance company or an employer attempting to obtain information about an insured person or an employee.
  8. You are aware that some of the information you receive may provoke strong emotion.
  9. You take responsibility for all possible consequences resulting from your sharing with others access to your Genetic Information and your Self-Reported Information.
  10. You understand that all your Personal Information will be stored in 23andMe databases and will be processed in accordance with the 23andMe Privacy Statement.
  11. Waiver of Property Rights: You understand that by providing any sample, having your Genetic Information processed, accessing your Genetic Information, or providing Self-Reported Information, you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products that may be developed by 23andMe or its collaborating partners. You specifically understand that you will not receive compensation for any research or commercial products that include or result from your Genetic Information or Self-Reported Information.

Settings Options for Participation in the 23andMe Website

One feature of the 23andMe website is the option to 'Share Genomes' with other users. For example, you can simply make a request to share genomes with another classmate identified through the person's 23andMe user name. If the person accepts the request, you will each have access to each others Ancestry Composition and you will be able to make direct comparisons of regions shared between your genomes. If you select to participate in the 'DNA Relatives' option described below, individuals listed among your DNA Relatives will request to share genomes with you. By clicking 'I do not want to receive sharing invitation from anyone' you are blocking these sharing requests.

With the 'DNA Relatives Option', you are controlling your participation in the DNA Relatives report on the 23andMe website. Your DNA will be compared with other users in the 23andMe database, and a list of matches will be reported giving an estimate of the relationship and the genetic basis for the match. This is the option where you could discover relatives that you previously had not known about!!! By clicking 'I do not want to participate in DNA Relatives' 23andMe will not report to you other users that match your sample, and you will not appear as a match in DNA Relatives list of other users. You can decide to opt into DNA Relatives matching at a later date.


With the Research Consent option, you are controlling whether 23andMe can use your personal, genetic and reported data for research purposes. Research using customer data is a major aspect of the 23andMe business model. 23andMe is interested in analyses of customer data to identify genetic markers that influence variation in characteristics among humans. This includes disease related research, for which 23andMe was recently awarded a major research grant from the National Institutes of Health.

Finally, you need to choose the fate of your DNA sample. 23andMe will either store your sample until they deem as a company that they want to destroy it, or you can opt for 23andMe to destroy your sample after it has completed processing.



Using the Notifications settings, select options for email.

Control Your Personal Profile

The 'Personal Profile' settings allow you to control the information about you that other users are able to view. Use the 'Edit Profile' tab to set your preferences about the information you want to make visible to other users. Other 23andMe users are classified as 'all 23andMe members' and 'connections'. When you choose to share genomes with another user, that user is a 'connection'.

If you do not opt out of the DNA Relatives matching, controlling your personal profile is important. Based on the settings in your personal profile, this will determine the amount of information about you that is available to other users of 23andMe. For example, below is a list of my top matches in 23andMe with the last name of my top match hidden by me. The other matches in this screenshot have a personal profile that is hidden.




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