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  • Image Evaluation Plugin For OsiriX

Notes on the OsiriX ImageEval plugin

1. SVN Repository

svn co  ImageEval

 2. Changing questions in panel -- straightforward, but tedious.

 a) modify list of NSButton/NSSlider/NSTextField IBOutlet variables (ImageEvalFilter.h)

 b) modify saveXML to reflect new questions  (ImageEvalFilter.m)

c) modify parser:didStartElement:namespaceURI:qualifiedName:attributes: method to reflect new questions (ImageEvalFilter.m)

d) Once the ImageEvalFilter.h is changed, use Interface Builder to add/remove/change user interface elements. (ImageEvalFilter.xib)

e) Associate IBOutlet members of ImageEvalFilter class with user interface elements -- done by <shift>-dragging a line from the 'File Owner' icon in Interface Builder's main panel onto the corresponding user interface element.

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