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This wiki is a resource for the brain tracing guidelines used to create structural labels for the ANN.

April 2014 - Jacquie Marietta and Kathy Jones


Documents describing the brain structure tracing guidelines used in the ANN.  Some documents have added notes by Research Assistants that were used in the tracing those structures. 

Amygdala Guidelines

A collection of publications regarding the Amygdala:

Amygdala Manual tracing guide.pdf

Cereb. Cortex-2000-Pruessner-433-42(3).pdf

Amaral Amygdala.pdf


Caudate Guidelines

caudate.pdf           Caudate Tracing Guidelines - P. Westmoreland, K. Cretsinger


Cerebellar Guidelines

cerebellum_lobes.pdf      Cerebellum Lobe Tracing Guidelines  - Excerpt from: Pierson, R., Westmoreland Corson, P., Sears, L.,Alicata, D., Magnotta, V., O’Leary, D., and Andreasen, N.C 2002: Manual and Semiautomated Measurement of Cerebellar Subregions on MR Images. Neuroimage, in press.
Cerebellum_tracing_guide.pdf        Cerebellum Tracing Guidelines - unknown


Cingulate Guidelines

McCormick 2006 (ACC methods).pdf      Anterior cingulate cortex: An MRI-based parcellation method - Laurie M. McCormick, Steven Ziebell, Peggy Nopoulos, Martin Cassell, Nancy C. Andreasen, and Michael Brumm

Anterior_Cingulate_ppt_10_2013.ppt    Tracing guidelines in PowerPoint - J. Marietta, K. Jones

Subgenual Tracing Guide_4_2014.ppt   Tracing guidelines for Subgenual Cingulate in PowerPoint - J. Marietta, K. Jones


Globus Pallidus Guidelines

globus.pdf     Color Enhancement of Multispectral MR Images: Improving the Visualization of Subcortical Structures - Julianna Ward, Vincent Magnotta, Nancy C. Andreason, Wendy Ooteman, Peg Nopoulos and Ronald Pierson

Globus_tracing_guidelines_orig.pdf   Globus Pallidus Tracing Guidelines - J. Ward, R. Fuller, D. Eccher, K. Cretsinger


Hippocampus Guidelines

hippocampus.pdf        A New Method for the In Vivo Volumetric Measurement of the Human Hippocampus With High Neuroanatomical Accuracy - J. Pantel, D.S. O'Leary, K. Cretsinger, H.J. Bockholt, H. Keefe, V.A. Magnotta and N.C. Andreason
Hippocampus_tracing_guide.pdf       Hippocampus Tracing Guidelines - J. Pantel, K. Cretsinger, H. Keefe
hippo_guidelines.doc         Hippocampus Guidelines - H. Keefe
Hippocampus_images.doc       Hippocampus Guide traces  - K. Jones


Putamen Guidelines

putamen.pdf      Putamen Tracing Guidelines - P. Westmoreland, K. Cretsinger


Thalamus Guidelines

thalamus.pdf   Thalamus Tracing Guidelines - W. Ooteman, K. Cretsinger
Mediodorsal_nucleus_tracing_thalamus.pdf   Mediodorsal Nucleus Tracing Guidelines - S. Ziebel, K. Cretsinger


Supplemental Guidelines

Callen_Supplementary_materials_I.doc        Description of structural boundaries of limbic and non-limbic brain regions. 

Image_Evaluation_raw_3T_ppt_012013.ppt        Reviewing raw scans in ImageEval - K. Jones, J. Marietta

Image_Evaluation_in_3T_ANN_ppt_012013.ppt    Reviewing derived images in Slicer - K. Jones, J. Marietta

Image_Evaluation_DWIraw_DTIprep_ppt_012013.ppt  Reviewing raw and DTIprep scans in Slicer - K. Jones, J.Marietta

20081203_Predict_NeuroReviewGuide.ppt      2008 version of reviewing raw T1/T2 scans - H. Jeremy Bockholt

Editing reviewed scans in Slicer.ppt                  Editing reviewed scans in Slicer - K. Jones

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