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  • Slicer AutoWorkup Integration

This proposal is a notepad for describing a proposed set of changes for aligning the development processes of the BRAINS tools that are part of the BRAINSAutoWorkup methods into a consistent environment that is easier to enforce good software engineering practices.

Source Code Management

A move to the distributed source code management system "git" is proposed.  The web based interface for hosting the primary source code is

I've created an Organization "BRAINSia" to coordinate efforts for transition.

The reference book for Git is located:

Testing Data Sets

There shall be NO testing data in the source code tree.  Use the CMake 2.8 

Unknown macro: {DATA}

syntax to place the data in an publicly available repository.

The hash key version of data can be placed in /iplweb/html/users/brainstestdata/ctestdata

The publicly visible read-only access is

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