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Curious about how to make your wiki experience better and more streamlined?

Enjoy these keyboard shortcuts, designed to help you get things done more quickly:

Create with 'c'

Press 'c' on your keyboard to open up the Create menu.  This is helpful when adding a new page.

Even better: select 'c' followed by 'Enter' or 'Return' to open up a blank page

Edit with 'e'

To edit a page or blog post, hit 'e' on your keyboard.  This will open up the editor screen allowing you to jump right in!

All done editing? Select 'Ctrl' + 's'

Save your edits by holding down 'Ctrl' (or 'Command' on a Mac), and select 's'.  This saves your edits and shows you the finished product.

Search with '/'

Selecting '/' on your keyboard will move your cursor to the Search box.  Start typing to find your results.

Add a Comment with 'm'

Want to add a comment? Choose 'm' on your keyboard to open up a new comment.


These shortcuts are great at streamlining your editing and content creation.  Want more?  Press 'Shift' + '?' to see more shortcuts.