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What does Custom Space User Managment Plugin do? 

This plugin gives administrators the ability to freely manage users and user-groups associated to their Altassian Confluence Wiki Spaces. This plugin gives the ability to:

  • Create / delete user-groups that can be space-specific (optional)
  • Add / remove users from user-groups associated to given wiki space
  • Create new users automatically as part of their addition to a user-group (optional, and provided that LDAP is available to fetch user details needed to create user account)
  • View list of users for selected user-group
  • Search users to add / remove from selected user-group (optional)
  • Create users and user-groups in Jira (optional, and provided that you are using Jira for Confluence user management)
  • Create a user-group with a comma-delimited list of users in a single operation (optional)
  • Perform bulk add / remove of users from user-group(s)
  • Full control over UI messages for localization and internationalization (i10n/i18n). You can also just use this to tweak your messages for your environment.
  • For more information click here.

How to use Custom Space User Management.

  1. From the wiki go to Spaces → Space directory


2. Next, search for the wiki space you wish to edit and click on the  icon.



3. Go to Manage Users/Groups using the menu bar at the top of the screen. For more information on how to use this plugin click here



4. From here you can add groups/users, as well as change the space you are currently editing.


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