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Wiki Cloud Migration Deadline


On January 8th, 2024 the University of Iowa Wiki hosted at https://wiki.uiowa.edu will be shut down permanently. If you would like to continue using Confluence (Wiki) in the Cloud, you will need to request licenses by filling out this Workflow form if you haven't done so already.

For more information and other options for your content, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page. Your content from https://wiki.uiowa.edu will be available for migration upon request for two years (until 1/8/2026).

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  • Display Contributors

You can show who has contributed to a wiki.


You need to know the spacekey of the wiki space you are interested in. The spacekey is normally part of the URL.

In this example, we'll use the documentation wiki, http://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/DOC. The spacekey is "DOC".

The following code inserted in your wiki page:


Will produce the following output:

Werth, Jonathan F 373045
ITS Wiki Administrator 256016
Wiki Editor 21102
Culmer, Nathan P 14001
Pinette, Jack C 84012
Christiansen, Leighton L 3100
Holmes-Leopold, Marvin P 2300
Long, David M (ITS) 1900
Mason, Ian C 1501
Zhang, Xin 1500
Rinner, Andrew L 1100
Helgerson, Jesse A 900
Ahrens, Mark C 700
Jain, Makur 500
Adcock, Alex 400
Dirks, Daniel J 400
Yohe, Matthew C 401
Zhai, Jingying 400
Benson, Jocelyn C 300
Idleman, Griffin S 303
Krohe, Christopher W 300
Hauge, Matthew L 200
Murniati, Cecilia T 200
Phelan, Ryan P 200
Draxl, Heather T 100
Hall, Jennifer E 100
Ola, Abayomi 101
Sloan, Logan J 100
VanFosson, Timothy L 100
Adrian, Jeremiah R 001
Aurand, Gary A 001
Baker, Melissa L 001
Beeding, Kelsey S 001
Blair-Dick, Joan I 001
Blake, Timothy L 001
Calhoun, Legare H 010
Catney, Christine M 001
Clancy, Aimee E 001
Cordts, Marcia L 010
Crawford, Joyce V 001
Dewes, Shannon W 001
Dunlap, Patricia M 001
French, Michael J 001
Gaston, Anne M 001
Gu, Lin 001
Hatleli, Andrea J 001
Hepner, Kelly M 001
Hua, Min 001
Johnson, Emily M 001
Klein, Katherine M 001
Maddhi, Srinivas 001
Maxson, Joshua Z 001
Melchiorri, Anthony J 001
Morris, Adalaide 001
Navarre-Jackson, Layana C 001
Sample, Sample A Jr 010
Seering, Melinda 001
Vigmostad, Sarah C 002
Voigt, Michael D 001
Watkins, Angela D 001

More info may be available in the notation guide

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