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Welcome to The University of Iowa institutional wiki. The main focus of this training page is to help beginning and intermediate users develop their wiki space into a functional, useful wiki. This training space is divided into four sections. The first section contains a listing of wikis developed at The University of Iowa that have been developed and are currently in use. The purpose of this section is to provide examples of effective wiki purposes and designs to inspire ideas and creativity in creating your own wiki. The second section has a number of text-based tutorials designed to help you implement some of the most common uses and functions in the wiki. The third section contains a number of video tutorials that focus on other common uses of the wiki that require a little more explanation. The final section is a listing of some interesting uses of the wiki that are less commonly used, but that may still be useful or interesting. We hope you find these materials useful as you develop your wiki.

Some important notes on these training modules

  • To learn if your outside materials are copyright compliant, go here.
  • If you need a wiki space for your instructional or university related purposes, you can fill out the request form here. Alternatively, instructors with proper permissions in their ICON course can request a wiki through ICON that will be associated with that ICON course in the dashboard. For more information on this option or on associating an existing wiki space with your ICON course, see the directions located on this page.
  • All tutorials assume that you are using the default theme.
  • All tutorials assume that you are using the Rich Text editor instead of the Wiki Markup editor unless stated otherwise.