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What is Latex?


Latex is a typesetting system designed for technical and scientific documentation. For more information on how to use latex click here.

How to use latex

  1. Click on the  icon on the top right of the screen and select Other macros.


2. Search for Latex in the search bar located in the top right of the dialogue box. Then click on the "Latex Icon" in the middle of the screen and select Insert at the bottom of the page. 



3. You should end up back at your wiki page with a new embedded text box that can be used to input Latex commands. Some common commands are below.



Common Latex Symbols

SymbolWhat it doesHow to write
Enters scientific/latex notation
$ x+y $



\[ \frac{A}{B}\]
Exponent Notation


Square Root
\begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|} \hline
{\bf Col. 1} & {\bf Col. 2} & {\bf Col. 3} \\ \hline \hline
1 & A & This\\ \hline
2 & B & ia\\ \hline
3 & C & a\\ \hline
4 & D & table\\ \hline
Big Omega


Right Arrow. Note for left arrow

replace right with left