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The University of Iowa Wiki Service ( will be upgraded to Confluence version 6.13 on June 10th, 2019. This version addresses security vulnerabilities, and brings several enhancements and bug fixes, which are listed below. The test instance of the Wiki will be available for users who want to access information from Any edits made in Wiki Test ( will not be transferred to the 

New features:

For more information about these features, continue reading.

Mention people

Type @ and we'll suggest the people you've mentioned previously first. Keep typing and we'll continue to suggest matching people. Here's some examples to illustrate the improvements. 

Visual improvements to page content

A refreshed look and feel to Confluence. This work is based on the new Atlassian designand includes things like updated colors, typography, and icons, including:

  • status macro
  • date lozenges
  • user mention lozenges
  • emoticons
  • tasks

Current interface:

Current interface

New interface:

New interface


More control over editing

A new ellipsis () menu gives you the option to:

  • preview the page
  • view all changes since the page was last published
  • revert back to the last published version
  • delete the page, if it has never been published.

When you click the Close button, we'll no longer ask you whether you want to keep or discard changes, as this was confusing for many people. Now, the changes are always kept. 

You can always go to  > Revert to last published version if you do want to discard changes.

Page history

The page history now shows both the avatar and name of the people who edited a version. 

Better search

Here's some of the highlights:

  • Hyphens in file names no longer break search! Now you can search for "all-the-things.png" and find them too.
  • Accents and special characters will now be ignored in search results. For example, searching "Senegal" will also return "Sénégal".
  • Spaces with titles that contain underscores now appear correctly when you filter the space directory by part of the space name. For example, entering "predictions" in the filter will now happily return the space titled World_cup_predictions_2018.
  • You can now specify Arabic or Persian as your indexing language. Changing the indexing language can improve search results if the majority of your content is in these languages.

Some of these fixes will only apply to newly created or edited content, or until you reindex your site.

Easy file editing

  • Confluence already lets you upload a wide range of files to share and discuss with your team. We’ve now made it easier to make changes to your files without the hassle of downloading and uploading multiple times.

    You can now edit any file attached to a Confluence page using a desktop application, then save the file back to Confluence in a few clicks. And it’s not just available for Microsoft Office documents; it works for Photoshop files, Keynote presentations — any attached file with a compatible application installed on your computer.

    This feature replaces the Edit in Office function, which had some tricky limitations. It was restricted to Microsoft Office documents and only worked if you had the right browser, operating system and app combo running.

    Read more in our guide to editing files

PDF export improvements

If you regularly need to create PDFs of your content, you'll be pleased to know that we've resolved a bunch of PDF export bugs, and made several visual improvements to our PDFs.  Some highlights:

  • Tables better match their Confluence counterparts, no longer filling the whole width, or forcing the columns to be equal width. 
  • Headings have been refreshed, with more consistent sizing. 
  • Ugly ducklings like the recently worked on, status, and tip macros now display more consistently. 
  • Each Confluence page starts on a new PDF page, making your documents easier to read. 
  • Long words and strings now wrap correctly. 

We've kept the styling of the PDF plain and simple, giving you the perfect blank canvas to add your own style and flair, via the PDF stylesheet.  

Detailed release notes from Confluence

Relevant changes are highlighted above, the links below contain more detailed changes from the Wiki's current version to 6.6.5.