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The University of Iowa Wiki Service ( will be upgraded to Confluence version 7.13 on August 2nd, 2022. This version addresses security vulnerabilities, and brings several enhancements and bug fixes, which are listed below. The test instance of the Wiki will be available for users who want to access information from Any edits made in Wiki Test ( will not be transferred to the 

New features:

For more information about these features, continue reading.

Improved Editor

Enjoy smoother editing with our upgraded editor. We solved several long-standing frustrations related to:

  • copying and pasting lists
  • navigation within tables
  • inserting links
  • using keyboard shortcuts
  • changing cell background colors

The look of the editor hasn't changed, the improvements are all under the hood. 

Accessibility Improvements

We understand that Confluence should be accessible to every person on a team. Over the past four months, we've fixed over a hundred accessibility issues that were identified in our last VPAT assessment, including:

  • missing names for buttons
  • no labels on form elements
  • keyboard navigation bugs
  • non-text content
  • missing lang attributes and language codes

We will continue to design and build Confluence with accessibility in mind.

New Table Cell Colors

You can now choose from 49 different table cell colours, including pure black and all the colours of the rainbow. The old colours are still available, so your existing tables will look just fine. 

Forgive us for making you wait so long for this highly requested change, and we hope you enjoy making table art as much as we have.  

Performance Improvements for Large Sites

Areas that rely on the search index, like search and the dashboard, now load faster in big, busy sites. We've also seen a reduction in CPU usage, which helps keep Confluence stable. 

Most of the changes are under the hood, but there is an upgrade task to migrate your existing index. 

Bug Fixes

For a detailed list of bug fixes, see the list at the bottom of this page:

Detailed release notes from Confluence

Relevant changes are highlighted above, the links below contain more detailed changes from the Wiki's current version to 6.6.5.