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Iowa River Project:

Collecting the Acuumlated Knowlege of All Iowans About their Namesake River

Introduction: What is this site? 

The Iowa River has provided a scenic backdrop, a life supporting water source and a sense of place for hundreds of thousands of Iowans from the first indigenous settlers to modern inhabitants. In appreciation of the role it's played in all these lives, this site has been established to provide a place for all Iowa River experts, friends and visitors to bring together their combined knowledge about the river. The organizers of this site, Professors  Barbara Eckstein and James Throgmorton invite any interested party to contribute to information for any of the subject areas below, or for anything else you might want to share. Editing the site requires no advanced programming or computer skills and is open to any interested party. For editing privileges, simply contact Dr. Eckstein or Dr. Throgmorton.

Geologic History: The Formation of the Iowa

First Human Contact: The Ioway?

Frontier Times and European Settlement

The Mormon Trek

WPA Projects, Coralville Dam and Flow Characteristics of The Iowa

 Modern Agriculture and its Impact on Water Chemistry

The Flood of 1993

Iowa's Relationship with its Namesake River

Iowa River Tour 1 and Tour 2: Photos from informational bus tours of the Iowa River organized by Iowa River Project organizer Barbara Eckstein. The tours are intended to educate concerned citizens about the problems facing the Iowa River.

The Iowa River Corridor Project: A flood recovery/floodplain management program implemented by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) after the floods of 1993.

Wikipedia Entry for the Iowa River: A brief overview of the Iowa River from the Wikipedia online collaborative encyclopedia.

USGS Iowa River Flow Gages: Real time Iowa creek and river Flow information from the United States Geological Survey

Coralville Lake and The Coralville Dam: Information about the Coralville Lake and Dam

Department of Natural Resources articles mentioning the Iowa River: Several articles pertaining to pollution in the Iowa River.

Photos of The Iowa River: A series of photos depicting the the Iowa River through the University of Iowa Campus every day from September 8, 1998 to November 8, 1999.

Water Quality Data: Several sources for technical water quality information on the Iowa River (click attachment tab on linked page)

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