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  • Cast List La Traviata

(as of 3.2.23)

Giuseppe Verdi’s 

La Traviata 

Performance dates:  14, 15, 16 April 2023 


Leading Roles

Violetta                                  soprano                                   Range: D4 to C6(E♭6)
                                                Siyeon Kim
                                                Mikayla Liu

Alfredo                                   tenor                                       Range: E3 to B♭4(C5)
                                                Taylor Mayne

Germont                                baritone                                   Range: A2 to G♭4
                                                Mitchell Widmer
                                                Caleb Haselhuhn

Comprimario Roles

Flora                                       soprano or mezzo-soprano      Range: B♭3 to B♭5
                                                Ivana Page

Annina                                   mezzo-soprano                        Range: E♭4 to G5
                                                Kristina Vesta

Gastone                                  tenor                                        Range: B♭2 to A4
                                                Nathan Brown

Baron Douphol                      baritone                                   Range: C3 to E♭4
                                                Ethan Elsberd

Marquis d’Obigny                baritone or bass                       Range: A2 to E♭4
                                                Sam Hoying

Dr Grenville                          baritone or bass                       Range: A♭2 to E♭4
                                                Dr. Royce Blackburn

Supporting Roles

Giuseppe                                tenor                                        Range: E3 to E4
                                                Zach Brecht

Messenger                              baritone                                   Range: C3 to C4
                                               Travis Richter

Party Guest (Flora’s servant in score)                      baritone                               Range: B3 to D♭4
                                                Nathan Kern


Soprano                                  Kristina Vesta

                                                Paige Kennedy

                                                Sarah Hachtman

                                                Aurora Navarro

                                                Maddy Yankell

                                                Kate O’Connell

Alto                                         Ivana Page

                                                Allison Wright

                                                Gina Bawek

Tenor                                      Nathan Brown

                                                Jackson Bryant

                                                Kiernan Matlock

Bass                                        Zach Brecht

                                                Ethan Elsbernd

                                                Sam Hoying

                                                Nathan Kern