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General Overview


The purpose of the REDCap Mobile App is to permit data collection for REDCap projects in circumstances where no (or an unreliable) Internet connection is available.

Mobile devices, such as iPad or Android tablets, are configured to use the same forms and instruments associated with REDCap projects.  Data can then be collected and stored on these mobile devices without utilizing an Internet connection in a manner much the same as logging into the REDCap project with an Internet connection.   When an Internet connection is available, these data would then be uploaded to the primary REDCap project databases.

Who Can Use the REDCap Mobile App

All University of Iowa researchers and study coordinators may use the REDCap Mobile App for their REDCap projects, subject to a review of the suitability of the Mobile App for their project by a REDCap Administrator and acceptance of the UI REDCap Mobile App Terms of Use by the research team.

How to request a Mobile App project review

To request the use of the REDCap Mobile App, please submit an I-CART REDCap "Mobile App Project Review" request.

Under the Documents tab of your I-CART request, please list the REDCap project name, project ID, and a brief description of your intended use of the Mobile App for your project.  (Note: the REDCap project ID can be found in the URL when you are logged into your REDCap project and is the number following the pid=, e.g.

A consultation with the ICTS REDCap staff will be scheduled to review the suitability of the Mobile App for your project and to review the additional security procedures and precautions that are required with the use of the Mobile App.

Which Project Types  are Suitable for the Mobile App

Smaller REDCap projects are generally better suited for the Mobile App. Since the Mobile App is essentially an extension of a normal REDCap project to a mobile device, all of the forms of a REDCap project must be copied to a mobile device.  Consequently, projects with a large number of variables may exceed the memory capacity of a mobile device when they are being copied from the primary project.

When Should the Mobile App Not Be Used

If a reliable Internet connection is available, it is strongly recommended that a standard web browser on the mobile device be used for data collection, rather than the Mobile App installed on the device. When using a direct Internet connection, all data is input directly to the main project databases. This avoids any issues resulting from uploading data stored on the mobile device hard-drive.

Which features of REDCap are supported in the Mobile App

  • Data entry
  • Data Access Groups
  • GPS
  • Pictures, videos, and audio can be uploaded into designated file fields
  • Signature fields
  • Action tags
  • Instruments can be secured such that participants / users can enter their own data
  • iOS - iPad 2 iOS 6.0 or later, iPhone 4 or later
  • Android 4.3 or later; tablet or phone

Which noteworthy features of REDCap are not supported in the Mobile App

  • CATS (Computer Adaptive Test Surveys)
  • Double Data Entry
  • Survey specific features
  • Survey queue
  • Randomization
  • Repeatable instruments and forms 
  • Viewing files
  • Inline audio/video
  • Instructions
  • Stop actions
  • Thank-you text
  • Downloadable files in the file fields

Which devices are supported

  • iOS - iPad 2 iOS 6.0 or later, iPhone 4 or later
  • Android 4.3 or later; tablet or phone

Sharing mobile devices with multiple data collectors and project participants

The REDCap Mobile App permits multiple data collectors to share the same mobile device.  Prior to using a mobile device for data collection, a project administrator sets-up user accounts on a mobile device for each person who will be using that device for data collection.  Each data collector will be assigned a unique username and a 6-digit PIN which they will use to sign-into their REDCap project to enter data.  Each data collector will have their own copy of a REDCap project and will not be able to access any data entered by another data collector on the same device, and each data collector will need to upload their own data to the main REDCap project using an Internet connection.

The "Secure the Instrument" feature of the Mobile App can be used to restrict access by a participant to single form.  This feature enables a data collector to hand-over a mobile device to a participant to allow the participant to enter data directly into the form, but locks them out of other forms in the project. When the participant has completed data entry, the data collector would enter their 6-digit PIN to unlock the mobile device to return to their project.

Security features

  • Data is transmitted securely (encrypted) to and from the mobile device and the main REDCap project residing on the UI REDCap server.
  • Encrypted Mobile App tokens are used to communicate between mobile devices and the main projects located on the REDCap server. These tokens determine the access permissions to the main project from a mobile device for a given user, as have been defined in the User Rights on the main project for that given user.  A separate token is required for each REDCap project running on mobile device. (UI Mobile App policy dictates that these Mobile App tokens cannot be shared between users. All Mobile App tokens must be approved by a REDCap administrator and can be revoked at any time if misused.)
  • All REDCap data stored on the mobile device hard drive is encrypted and requires a unique key to de-crypt the data. This prevents access to the data in the event that the mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • The REDCap Mobile App does not allow any data to be stored on external hard drives (e.g. USB flash drives) connected to the mobile device.
  • Each REDCap user of a mobile device logs into the device with a unique username and six-digit PIN. After five failed attempts to log into the device REDCap project, the device is locked-out of the REDCap project for 15 minutes.  If the device goes into screen saver mode due inactivity, must re-log into the REDCap Mobile App project.
  • The Secure the Instrument feature allows the mobile device to be handed to a participant to fill-out a form, but restricts the participant to a single form. A data collector must enter their six-digit PIN to allow the device to access other forms.
  • An activity log for a REDCap Mobile App project is kept in the Mobile App File Archive stored on the hard drive of the mobile device. These logs record data creation, modifications, uploads, renaming, deletions, viewing of records, and downloads of project instruments and records. These logs can be transmitted to and stored with the main REDCap project.



REDCap Mobile App Terms of Use / User Agreement


  • A University of Iowa Principal Investigator or their designated REDCap study coordinator must request authorization from UI ICTS REDCap system administration to use the REDCap Mobile App for each REDCap project.
  • A University of Iowa Principal Investigator or their designated REDCap study coordinator must administer and set-up the mobile devices to be used for their REDCap projects.
  • Each person that will be using a mobile device must have a separate user account on the device.
  • Each user of a Mobile App mobile device must have a unique username and unique six-digit PIN to access the REDCap projects on each mobile device.
  • Unique username and unique six-digit PIN are not to be shared between team members.
  • A REDCap API token must be requested for each user for each REDCap project that uses the Mobile App.
  • REDCap API tokens must not be shared between team members.
  • When a Mobile APP QR code is lost, stolen or suspected of being stolen, the Mobile App API for that QR code must be revoked by the Principal Investigator or their designated REDCap study coordinator.
  • When a user is no longer associated with a REDCap project to which they had been granted Mobile App access, all API tokens for this user must be revoked and the REDCap project data from any mobile device used by this user must be deleted from the mobile device by the Principal Investigator or their designated REDCap study coordinator.
  • When a REDCap Mobile App mobile device is lost or stolen, the Principal Investigator or their designated REDCap study coordinator must be notified immediately and all REDCap data on the mobile device be remotely wiped and all API tokens for that mobile device must be revoked.  An email must also be sent to REDCap Support at:
  • Prior to the disposal of a mobile device for which the REDCap Mobile App had been used, all REDCap data and user accounts must be deleted from the device.


I understand and acknowledge the above requirements for using the REDCap Mobile App.



      Printed Name of REDCap Mobile App User



      ____________________________________________________                               __/__/____

      Signature of REDCap Mobile App User                                                                             Date



Installing REDCap Mobile App on Mobile Device












Download Mobile App from App or Play Store

Go to the App Store (iPad) or Play Store (Android).

















Select REDCap Mobile App from App or Play Store

Search "REDCap" on the App Store (iPad) or Play Store (Android) and download the app to your device.





















Accept Mobile App Terms of Use

Open the REDCap Mobile App once you've finished downloading and press "Agree" to continue.











Set-up Mobile Device User Accounts








Create Mobile Device Admin and Data Collector Accounts

An Admin account must be created for each mobile device.

This admin account will be used by the project coordinator to create and reset passwords for all Data Collector accounts on each mobile device.

The first Data Collector account may be created when the Admin account is set-up.

After entering the PINs and First Username, Press "Add Admin and User" to add these accounts to the mobile device.















Verification of Accounts Set-up

This screen will be displayed on the mobile device after the REDCap Mobile App and the Admin and Data Collector accounts have been successfully installed on the mobile device.

Once a Data Collector account has been set-up for a mobile device, a REDCap project can be downloaded to the device.

Each Data Collector account on a mobile device


Authorize Mobile App Access to a Project









Grant Mobile App Access to a Data Collector

Before a REDCap project can be downloaded to a mobile device for a Data Collector account, the project coordinator must grant the Data Collector permission to download the project.

Using the User Rights function for the project, the project coordinator would check the REDCap Mobile App setting for each person that will require mobile access to the project.

This must be done for each project to which the Data Collector will be collecting data.

Note: At this time, downloading data to a mobile device is not authorized.  Project coordinators should not check this option for Data Collectors.














Data Collector Mobile App Set-up

Once a Data Collector has been granted Mobile App privileges to a project, the Data Collector needs to log into REDCap and select "REDCap Mobile App" under the Applications section on the left side of the project Home page.





























Request Mobile App API Token

The Data Collector would then select "Request API Token."



















This will send a request to a REDCap Administer to generate a Mobile App Token for the Data Collector.

The token request may take up to 1 - 2 days to be approved.


















When the Mobile App API Token is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the Data Collector using the email address registered to the Data Collector's REDCap account.

Download REDCap Project to Mobile Device
























To begin the process of downloading a REDCap project to a mobile device, the Data Collector would first log into the mobile deice using their Data Collector Username and PIN.

(Do not use Mobile Device Admin account.)



















Next, select "Set Up Mobile Project."
























The "Initialize a Project" will now be displayed on the mobile device.

At this point, the Data Collector will need to set the mobile device aside and log into the main REDCap project from another computer to obtain a QR Code, as described below.






















The Data Collector would log into REDCap ( and go to the project that they would like to download to the mobile device.

On the left side of the project Home page under Applications, select "REDCap Mobile App."

This will display the QR code unique to the Data Collector for this project.



























Returning to the mobile device, the Data Collector would select "Scan QR Code" and then scan the QR code directly off the computer screen.





















If the QR Code cannot be scanned, select "Can't get the QR code to work?"
























Enter the displayed Initialization code directly into the mobile device.


















The project name will then be displayed on the mobile device.

If this is the correct project, select the project.

If it's the wrong project, the Data Collector will need to return to the other computer, select the correct project and obtain the QR Code for that project as described in the previous steps.






















REDCp will then begin downloading the project to the mobile device.

























This screen will be replaced to remove the reference to downloading records.























Description to be added.

Add Additional Data Collector Accounts to a Mobile Device

















Login to the REDCap Mobile App on the mobile device using the Admin user account for the device.





















Select "Add New User."





























Enter a username and 6-digit PIN, then select "Add User" to create the account.


















The new account will now appear on the login screen where the Data Collector can log into the mobile device.