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REDCap offers automated survey invitations.  Automated survey invitations are a way to schedule surveys in a project. There are a number of options you can change when setting up the automated survey settings.

Surveys will need to be enabled and you should already have instrument setup as surveys to use this functionality.


An automated invitation can be setup by finding the "Automated Invitations" button in the survey options on the Online Designer page:

  1. Go to the Data Collection Instruments page by clicking on the "Edit Instruments" link or the following:

    Project Setup -> Online Designer

  2. Click on the "Automated Invitation" button to the far right of the survey you want to schedule an automated invite for.

  3. In "STEP 1: Compose Message" you can set who the email will be from and what the email message will say when the survey gets sent automatically to the participant. You can use piping here if you'd like to insert participants name for example.

  4. In "STEP 2: Conditions" section of the Dialogue box, specify the criteria for the invitation delivery. The first option refers to sending out the survey once another survey in your project is complete. The second option allows you to limit the surveys to  a subset of participants. In the example below the survey will only be sent to those who answered their age was above 18  and who specified the gender they had coded as "1". You can use any variable you create in your project with this logic.

  5. In "STEP 3: When to send invitations AFTER conditions are met" section, specify the scheduling information.

  6. Finally, in "STEP 4: Activated?" section, select the "Active" radio button in order to schedule these invitations with the specified conditions.  To cancel this automated invitation in the future, change this status to "Not Active".

  7. After entering an email message subject and body, press the "Save" button.  The status of the responses are recorded on the Manage Survey Participants page under the "Participant List" tab.  After participants reply to the initial screening survey, if the defined conditions are met, the second follow-up survey will be automatically scheduled.

    A participant list is maintained for each survey.  To see the generated schedule of the automated invitations, select the name of the second follow-up survey from the drop-down list.

  8. Hover over the clock icon to display the time and date the survey is scheduled to be sent.