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  • Designating an email field for surveys
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If you are already capturing a participant's email in a data entry field, you may be able to use that existing address to send a survey invitation to the participant. This functionality has two large advantages:

  1. It removes the necessity of entering the email address a second time in the "Participant List" for the survey.
  2. It also makes an association between the data entry form and the user entered survey response.


If the first instrument in your project is a data entry form, and there is a field in that form that possesses an email validation, you can specify that field be used as the destination email address for sending to other surveys that may be in the project.

In order to enable this capability, click the "Project Setup" tab.  Next, in the "Enable optional modules and customizations" section, press the "Enable" button next to the "Designate an email field to use for invitations to survey participants" label.

In order to identify the field that contains the value of the email address for survey invitations, select the appropriate field from the drop-down list of the fields that possess an email validation.

If the participant's email address has already been specified directly in the "Participant List", then that email address will be used instead of the value in the email field when survey invitations are sent to the participant.