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Survey Access Codes

Use survey access codes to initiate quick survey responses when email is not available. A survey access code offers an alternative to clicking on a link in an email message and enables the survey to simply be launched from a web page.  This functionality is especially useful when sending a hard copy version of a survey invitation.  Survey access codes are also convenient when a respondent wishes to start answering the survey on a portable device.

A specific survey access code is available for every survey link in a project.  Users will see a button or icon to retrieve a survey access code for the project's public survey via the "Manage Survey Participants" page:

A unique survey access code is also available for each specific survey via the "Participant List" tab:

Upon clicking the link to the Survey Access Code, a dialog with the specific URL and code will be displayed:

The participant can launch the survey by going to the web address listed on the dialog and then entering the code specified in the text box on the web page.  This URL can be bookmarked in the browser and used repeatedly because it is the same page from which all survey access codes are entered.  The survey access code launching page will look similar to the following from the browser.

Upon entering the survey access code in the browser form, the survey will open exactly as if the user entered the full URL to the survey.  Survey access codes are not case sensitive (i.e., capitalization does not matter) and they never expire.

Short Access Codes

You may create a temporary short access code as an alternative to the permanent survey access code.  By clicking on the "Generate Short Code" push button, in the survey access code dialog, REDCap will create a 5 character long shortened code, that expires after one use or after one hour has elapsed.

QR Codes

As an alternative to typing a link in a browser, a number of mobile devices possess an app that is able to scan a QR code and rapidly redirect a browser to a web page.  REDCap can assist you in taking advantage of this capability by generating the QR code for a survey.  When the code has been scanned, the mobile device navigates the respondent's browser directly to the survey.  A survey QR code looks similar to the following:

The survey QR code can be scanned directly from the screen, sent to a printer, or saved as an image that is included in a document and then scanned.



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