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Welcome to the University of Iowa Emergency Medicine Interest Group!

This page complements our usual messages to the EMIG listserv. We hope you find it a useful resource for the exciting specialty of Emergency Medicine, as well as a means to stay abreast of the events within our group. Please check back often for updates and new material!


  1. To sign up for the mailing list, press here. Please consider signing up for the Wilderness Medicine Interest Group mailing list.
  2. EM Mentor Program is currently ongoing. Press here for more details.


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Upcoming Events

 E-mail if interested.

SAEM Great Plains Regional Meeting 

Featuring "MinneSono Games"

September 19, 2015.  Minneapolis, MN

AAEM/RSA Medical Student Symposium

September 26, 2015.  Loyola University.

Intubation Workshop


Crichothyrotomy/Chest Tube Lab


Ultrasound Workship


M4 Match Panel
Spring 2016

Past Events

EMIG Splinting Clinic with Dr. Hans House





Group Leadership:

Co-Presidents:  Jason Block and Leah Feazel
Vice President: Nathan Miller
Treasurer: Ryan Tegtmeier
Secretary:  Zachary Rasmussen
ACEP UIHC Student Representative: Scott Pierce

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Hans House

Contact Us: 





The statements, expressed opinions and links displayed on University of Iowa Emergency Medicine Interest Group (UIEMIG) Web pages are generated and posted by the student members of UIEMIG. No official endorsement or approval by the University of Iowa of the viewpoints expressed on this web page or any of the student organization activities described on this web page should be inferred. The activities and events of this student organization are not necessarily sponsored or approved by the University of Iowa.

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