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UI Women in Technology (WIT) is an IT community composed of employees of the University of Iowa.

The groups values include:

  • Maintaining a safe space for open dialog

  • Embracing OneIT mission of unity and breaking down the divisions across departments or organizations

  • Cultivating an environment conducive for learning

  • Providing equal access to information and resources whenever possible

  • Being adaptable to the current needs of the IT staff of the institution

We welcome anyone who has an interest in the continuing development of and a positive work environment for women in IT or other technical-related positions. As women are severely underrepresented in this field of work, we hope to learn more about our field of work, build connections, and collaborate, regardless of our department, job title, age, or years of experience.

UI WIT hosts IT campus community events open to everyone, such as monthly gaming lunches, book clubs, and discussion panels.


UI WIT community membership is limited to those that identify as women or are gender non-conforming. UI WIT holds private lunch & learns to build an environment of support, develop dynamic working relationships, and enrich staff through professional development.

You can subscribe to the UI WIT community mailing list here:

If you have questions or would like to request additional access to this Wiki site, please contact us at





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