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Copyright & Ethics

Encouraging Ethics

What do you think should be done to students who violate copyright or ethical principles?

The school should serve the student, but not be manipulated. To allow for flexibility in all of the individual situation of piracy, schools could adopt a three-strikes policy for copyright violations, unless is it clear that the student is trying to exploit this. Each situation should be considered individually, both in regards to the student and infringement. Students need to understand the seriousness of the violation, and punishments may be appropriate depending on the situation. However, punishments should never interfere with the student's Opportunity to Learn.

From what you have seen or experienced what can teachers do to curb these types of violations?

Teachers need to act as role models and find ways to help students learn about how the work came to be in existence. Even with the advent on online citations services, the ethical weight of the book will still be able to remind students that they are using someone else's work.