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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning
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Distance Education has both its advantages and disadvantages. The list of advantages seems to outweigh the list of disadvantages, but it's important to keep in mind the social development aspect of education which is not present in distance education. 

Some Advantages:

  • It allows for individualized instruction. The teacher is able to tailor the curriculum to each student's instructional needs.
  • It permits instruction to take place anywhere, anytime. This is convenient for students and teachers.
  • It allows further exploration of individual interests. Teachers can develop hyperlinks for students to pursue personal interest in depth.
  • It provides availability of information. Information for distance learning is typically more up to date and screened by the teacher.
  • It allows for interactive simulation. Due to the absence of personal instruction, the activity for the content being studied is highly interactive and may involve simulations.
  • It allows for appropriate feedback for all actions. All students will have equal participation time.
  • It develops self-discipline. Learning is student-driven rather than teacher-driven.
  • It makes all students apparent in the classroom. Quiet students cannot hide from participation.
  • It creates a focused environment. Less discipline problems means less time spent off the topic.
  • It provides efficient use of time. Students and parents do not waste time commuting.

Some Disadvantages:

  • There's less face-to-face interaction time between peers and between teacher and students. Also students do not have recess time to socialize and play.
  • There's a lack of time to develop appropriate social skills. No face-to-face meeting for interactions among peers and with teacher in different settings.
  • There's less physical activity. It means not getting up to do scaffolding activities or activities that are geared for the kinesthetic learners.
  • Students may not have the necessary resources and skills (typing, equipment, software, etc.) at home.
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  1. Good job on this page. I think this information of advantages and disadvantages of distance learning is one of the most important. I think many people are still skeptical about distance learning so they need to weigh-out the adv. and disadvantages. Good job on this page.