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Cheating and Plagiarism

Cheating is nothing new.

Students have been cheating for as long as learning and testing
have been around.  What has changed are the myriad ways available
for a student to cheat in the modern classroom.

Technological advances have given cheating a whole new look.  Students have advanced beyond peeking over one another's shoulders and writing answers down on crib sheets.

Now, it is possible for students to text one another the answers to test questions and to download entire term papers from commercial websites devoted entirely to servicing students looking to cheat.

Some educators advocate "turning back the clock," banning all internet connected devices and cell phones from classrooms as a means of thwarting cheating.

Others believe that teachers need to be more vigilant in battling against term papers purchased online or from former students.  Some teachers do this by subscribing to online services such as turnitin.com which anaylzes content of student papers to determine how closely the submitted papers match known works.  Others tailor their assignments very specifically to the material taught in class, so that a paper purchased online would not receive a good grade.  When teachers change their paper themes and test formats from year to year, it makes it more difficult for students to cheat (Lee).


This video examines the widespread culture of cheating in schools.  Many viewers might be surprised that the profile of "a cheater" is not the stereotype from their own school days . . . 

| Advice from a veteran teacher on a foolproof "cheating" strategy.

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