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Distance learning heavily utilizes computer-based technologies.  These can be separated into two groups.

Synchronous: Type of distance learning where all participants are present and learning at the same time. It can include the following:

- Web conferencing or video conferencing can be used to have everyone in the same virtual “classroom” so they are all discussing and seeing each other in real time.

- Internet radio, live streaming, and telephones can also be used for this type of distance learning.

Asynchronous: A type of distance learning where students access course materials whenever they want and proceed at their own pace. It can include the following:

- Internet based technologies are the main type this style is based on:

     o   Message board forums

     o   E-mail

     o   Video and audio recordings

     o   PowerPoint slides

- Voicemail and fax can also be utilized in asynchronous learning.

Print technologies such as textbooks, study guides, workbooks, and fax can also be as useful for distance education as they are for traditional education.

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