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  • No immediate feedback from instructors.
    • Communication with instructors will inevitably include some wait time. Questions will not be answered immediately due to Professors not having set "office hours," and not being in the classroom at the same time.
  • Lack of face-to-face interaction and connection with the instructor.
    • There is a lack of accountability, because students are truly just "names" to their instructors. Creating personal relationships with instructors is nearly impossible, which is one of the largest factors in successful learning for many students.
  • May require more time.
    • For students that are not as skilled with technology, it could require more time to do this work on their own, to navigate the web, etc.
  • Requires technological awareness.
    • Students must be adept at a variety of technologies in order to successfully receive and turn in assignments, communicate with other students, etc.
  • Requires students to have access to technology, which is not always possible for lower-income students.
    • Students must obtain a personal computer with a range of programs on it, most likely should have wireless internet in the home, etc. This is not always possible for students with fewer financial resources.
  • Lack of motivation for learners who are not intrinsically motivated.
    • Many students benefit from teachers or other peers learning alongside them. It can be difficult for students to desire to learn and work hard when they do not know anyone else doing it.
  • The amount of of work required to translate the whole classroom structure to a web-based format.
    • It can take a lot of work for teachers to re-format a class so that it fits the web. Teachers must be very adept with technology in order to do this in a timely fashion.
  • Misunderstandings of assignments or instruction.
    • There can be confusion between students/instructors because students only have access to the written explanation of an assignment. Students are not able to ask for clarification, or hear other students' questions.
  • Difficulty motivating students when there is no face-to-face interaction.
    • A large part of teaching is having a rapport with students. When this is taken away, teachers may have a difficult time motivating students from a distance.
  • Lack of feedback from students to help with gauging response.
    • Instructors are unable to get an accurate "feel" for how they are doing and how students are receiving instruction. This is often gained by reading students' facial expressions or reactions, and this cannot be done without face-to-face interaction.
  • Possibility of cheating
    • There is a possibility that students will cheat on their exams because the exams are online.
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