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Can Social Networking be dangerous to your career?     

Cases of misuses of online social media are well documented and far too common. From educators to students, abuses of these services have caused countless cases of academic misconduct and other serious charges. Being aware of the appropriate ways to utilize social websites is extremely important in the world today and can help you to avoid issues associated with misuse. By misusing online media, future educators can expose themselves to issues that can affect them for the rest of their lives. For example, one future educator in Pennsylvania was actually denied a teaching license for questionable photographs discovered on her Facebook page.

For more examples of what not to do on your own online pages visit Too often there are posts that provide grounds for disciplinary measure that should never be available online in the first place. As future educators, always be aware of your online image. What you appear to be online is often just as important as who you are in person. Online media should never be a platform for complaints about specific students or comments on classes throughout the day. Also, be aware that many of your actions online can be traced back to you, websites often provide information about your habits to third parties if allowed and therefore it is important to watch what is said and done online. It is extremely important that people be aware of privacy settings on websites like myspace and facebook. Always be sure to read the privacy agreements and understand the consequences of your online actions. By being aware of the possible problems in online media, you will be able to utilize the resources much more effectively and provide a better experience for yourself and your students.

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