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Bringing Galaxy to Iowa

Work is underway to provide a local, custom, Galaxy deployment to all members of the University of Iowa community. Our local Galaxy deployment will be tightly integrated with the University of Iowa's High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster, Helium, to have direct access of over 3600 processing cores, 350 computing servers (nodes) and direct access to a high speed storage infrastructure (Lustre) and network (infiniband).

Our Galaxy deployment is currently considered in alpha stage. This means that we have exposed a sub-set of features, it resides on a test server, and a bit rough around the edges yet. However, we have been running successful Human exome and specialized genetic analysis for deafness on the platform. We have alpha users uploading data and leveraging our local Galaxy daily. We invite more alpha users to join, and would appreciate additional feedback.

Accessing Galaxy

U of Iowa Galaxy is not full featured ... yet.

The University of Iowa local deployment of Galaxy is currently available to alpha users. Wanna check it out and help provide feedback? Great! No permission is necessary, just access our local galaxy deployment, logon with hawkid and password, and explore. Feedback is most welcomed:

Our Galaxy is running on server that resides in HPC's Helium cluster. It is configured to dispatch jobs to the Helium computing cluster. To access Galaxy, all that is needed is a hawk id and password. Galaxy and necessary server accounts are created automatically on first login. Our Galaxy exposes a subset of tools found on the public site as a staging approach. We are capable of all the same fuction of the public Galaxy server. We are happy to expose additional tools upon request.

Must access from the campus network

Galaxy is only available from the campus network. Need to access it from anywhere? Use UIAnywhere, U of I ITS's vpn tunneling solution.

Use Galaxy:

It is strongly recommended that users of galaxy join our galaxy-users mailing list. This list will be used to answer questions, gain community support for additional feature requests, address problems found, etc.

University of Iowa Galaxy Deployment Sponsors

This custom local Galaxy deployment is brought to you by:

Thank you!

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