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This morning the wiki team applied updates to some of the macros in the wiki.  Overall, these were minor updates, but a few macros did get added functionality.

For example: When pressing the Share button, users can now share a page to a group in addition to individuals!

Updated Functionality

  • Code Macro
    • Now supports mobile view and improved syntax highlighting
  • Mobile view
    • When visiting, the mobile view now offers a 'Watch' page button.
  • JIRA
    • Consolidates two macros into one
    • Auto-convert of pasted links for issue search, single issue, or xml link
    • Ability to search JIRA issues or create a new issue from the wiki
  • Layout Macros (2.1.6)
    • Section and column macros no longer use table cells
    • Scroll bars appear depending on the page size
  • Page Tree
    • Fixed an issue with excerpts
    • Now visible in the mobile view
  • Share
    • Add the ability to share with a group

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Chart
  • Contributors
  • Information
  • Live Search
  • Table of Contents
  • User Lister