Upcoming Wiki Changes

Important! There are changes coming to the Wiki. For information about these changes, as well as what options users have, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page. Need help deciding what is best? Please stop by our next Wiki Alternatives training.

We can navigate to a wiki space through a few different methods.  These include

If you have a link to a specific page, you can click on that link to go directly to that wiki space.  You may be prompted to login.

To search for a page or space, use the search box in the upper right hand corner of any wiki page.

As you type, the wiki will show a list of pages or blogs, images, and spaces that contain your search term

Each wiki space has an identifying spacekey (a shortened form of the space title).
A spacekey will always be listed after /display/ in the url. For example, the spacekey below is help.

If we know the spacekey, we can directly enter the url "http://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/spacekey".

Select the "UIowa Wiki" icon in the upper left hand corner of the page.

On this page you can see all Global spaces that you have rights to see, as well as any recent updates to those spaces.

Space Directory

To navigate to the Space Directory, first click on the 'Spaces' tab on the top left of the page.  This will bring up a list of spaces that you recently looked at or edited.

Click on the Space Directory link on the bottom of the list.  This will bring you to a list of spaces organized alphabetically.  You can also use the left-hand column to change the types of spaces you see here, or to browse by space category.

To add a space to My Spaces, click on the star icon on the far right of the row for the space.  When you click the star, it will change from an outline to filled-in.

You can see spaces you've added to My Spaces by clicking on the UIowa Wiki logo in the top left corner.  They will appear in the left-hand column under My Spaces.



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