Upcoming Wiki Changes

Important! There are changes coming to the Wiki. For information about these changes, as well as what options users have, please visit the Wiki Service Change Options and FAQs page. Need help deciding what is best? Please stop by our next Wiki Alternatives training.

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Similar to how you can restrict permissions to your wiki space, a page can have viewing and editing restrictions as well.

  1. While viewing a page, select the three dots icon in the upper right of the page, and select 'Restrictions'. Note: You may need to be logged in to see this menu.

  2. In the popup box, choose the appropriate radio button to restrict either Editing or Viewing and Editing.

  3. To add someone as an exception to the page restrictions, type their name into the field.  This will search the database and return live results.  Select the person or group you'd like to restrict and click "Add", then "Apply".  You can also search by hawkid.

  4. You can now see a small red "locked" icon above the page title next to the Dashboard link..  Clicking on the icon will show you the restrictions that are applied.


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