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  1. Creating an Account

The first step in accessing Bridges is to request an XSEDE account.

Head to the XSEDE User Portal.

In the upper left hand corner of the Portal, under 'Get Started on XSEDE', click 'Create an Account' if you are new to XSEDE, or, if you already have an account created, click on 'Sign In'.

Get Started on XSEDE

Then, Follow the instructions to create or access your previously generated account.

       2. Configuring Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA)

Once you have access to your XSEDE account, you must configure Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) with the Duo app in order to gain access to the Single Sign on Hub

Click on the Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) link, and follow the three step process outlined on the web page.  Once completed, you will have full access to the Single Sign on Hub.

     3. Accessing the XSEDE Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Hub

The XSEDE's Single Sign On (SSO) login hub,, is a single point-of-entry to the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure. Upon logging into the hub with your XSEDE User Portal (XUP) username and password, a 12 hour proxy certificate is automatically generated, allowing you to access XSEDE resources for the duration of the proxy. You may then gsissh to any XSEDE compute resource where you have an account without the need for a resource-specific username and password.

     4. SSH into the Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Hub

localhost$ ssh -l XUPusername

Once Connected, use gsissh to connect to Bridges.

[XUPusername@ssohub ~]$ gsissh bridges

You will be met with a similar output if the connection was successful:

[XUPusername@ssohub ~]$ gsissh bridges
********************************* W A R N I N G ********************************
You have connected to

This computing resource is the property of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.
It is for authorized use only.  By using this system, all users acknowledge
notice of, and agree to comply with, PSC polices including the Resource Use
Policy, available at Unauthorized or
improper use of this system may result in administrative disciplinary action,
civil charges/criminal penalties, and/or other sanctions as set forth in PSC
policies. By continuing to use this system you indicate your awareness of and
consent to these terms and conditions of use.

LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY if you do not agree to the conditions stated in this warning


Please contact with any comments/concerns.

********************************* W A R N I N G ********************************

Once connected, follow the instructions listed on the Commands to access and create a three node Hadoop cluster wiki page to start working within the Hadoop environment.

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