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The Structural Biology Grid software suite is available to consortium members and their respective lab members here on campus. The software suite has been installed such that it will be accessible via the directory '/programs' to anyone who has been added to the sbgrid user group. SBGrid members who have an account on an HPC system will have this group added to their list of groups. Members who do not have an account will need to fill out the access request and agreement, here: 

Apply for an Account | High Performance Computing

Members of labs belonging to the SBGrid consortium will likewise have to fill out an access request.

Once an account is set up and the sbgrid user group has been added to the account, an SBGrid welcome message will be displayed upon logging into the cluster:

                  Software Support by SBGrid (
 Your use of the applications contained in the /programs  directory constitutes
 acceptance of  the terms of the SBGrid License Agreement included  in the file
 /programs/share/LICENSE.  The applications  distributed by SBGrid are licensed
 exclusively to member laboratories of the SBGrid Consortium.
 SBGrid was developed with support from its members, Harvard Medical School,    
 HHMI, and NSF. If use of SBGrid compiled software was an important element     
 in your publication, please include the following reference in your work:      
 Software used in the project was installed and configured by SBGrid.                   
 cite: eLife 2013;2:e01456, Collaboration gets the most out of software.                
 SBGrid installation last updated: in-progress
 Please submit bug reports and help requests to:       <>  or

This is the indication that your account is properly configured to access the SBGrid software. A complete list of the included software packages is available through SBGrid's website, here:

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