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  • Adding a Stand-alone Section

May 19, 2022

This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the following webpage for information about section creation.

Stand-alone Section - a section that is not associated with another section, such as a lab or discussion. However, it can be related to a screening or additional time.

Click for printable version.

After searching for a course (See Searching for a Course - Planner), click New: Click here to add a new section.

Complete the necessary fields on the Create Section page.

Basic Information

Will default to session selected on previous page. Session Info.

Will default to Stand-alone section type.

Select either Yes or No.

˜If Yes oval is selected, the Override Start Date and Override End Date fields will display.

Enter the appropriate Override dates either manually or by utilizing the calendar pop-up option.


Enter three digits, then tab, and a zero (0) will automatically be inserted before the three digits.

Select from drop down list. Click (question) for definitions.

Select appropriate registration status.

Enter section subtitle, if applicable.

Select section restriction, if applicable.

Enter number or check the Unlimited box.

Time & Location

Click Add a time & location link.


Select Yes or No.
If No, the Credit Hours field below will not be visible.

If Yes, select appropriate Credit Hours from drop down list, click Add.

If applicable, enter the appropriate number of hours.

If applicable, enter the appropriate number of hours.

If applicable, enter the appropriate number of hours.

See Credit Hour Terminology for more information.

Additional Information

Will default to Face to face; if this not the correct mode, click remove.
Select the appropriate Delivery Mode(s) from drop down list, click Add.

If applicable, select the appropriate Delivery Tool(s) from drop down list, click Add.

Once you have completed the page, click Save.

You will receive the following confirmation screen.

Click view to go to the Edit Section Information Summary panel. On this panel,you will update the following fields:

When all updates are complete, click Submit to Workflow.


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