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MAUI Workflow Reference

Procedures to cancel or delete a section and release the GAC room

  • If the section is still in the planning status, it may be deleted from MAUI by the academic department and the section number can be re-used. The delete button is located at the bottom of the Edit Section Information (Summary) screen.  If a section is cancelled in planning, then that section number cannot be re-used unless the section is deleted. (The Office of the Registrar can also re-open a cancelled section administratively).
  • Once a section has been submitted, the delete button is no longer displayed. If there is no enrollment, the registration status of "cancelled" should be entered. Then the section will no longer be displayed on ISIS.
  • If there is enrollment in a section, a registration status of "cancelled" cannot be entered. Please follow these steps:
    • The academic department should change the registration status to "pending" to block further student registration in this section.
    • Send an email to requesting students be dropped or moved to another section.
    • The academic department is required to notify students of this action.
    • Once the students have been dropped or moved, the section will be cancelled by the Office of the Registrar.
  • If there is enrollment and all students will be moved to a newly created section for the same course - for example from section 001 to SCA - then a workflow requesting the new section must be submitted.  Add a note to the workflow slip requesting students be moved to the new section. Once the new section has been approved, the room scheduling staff will forward the request to The students will be moved by the Office of the Registrar and then the academic department is required to notify students of this action.
  • To view a cancelled section:
    • On the Offerings Planner>Sections screen, change the Viewing from Default to All. This will display all sections, including any cancelled sections. Once a course has been cancelled, to change the status to open, send an email to .
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