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  • Course Fee Calendar

The Miscellaneous Fee Committee currently meets biannually to review course fee requests. Requests to create, modify, or renew a course fee must be approved by the committee. Requests to end an existing course fee (reduce the course fee amount to $0) may be exempt from these deadlines, but departments are encouraged to submit removals on the same schedule as other requests. The deadlines for each semester are found below. The committee will convene shortly after the deadline (approximately 10 days). However that will vary from session to session.


 Renewal Requests ReleasedCourse Fee Requests DueMiscellaneous Fee Committee MeetsFinal Approval Expected
SummerDecember 17February 1February 25March 15
FallDecember 17February 1February 25March 15
WinterSeptember 1October 1October 10October 31
SpringSeptember 1October 1October 10October 31

Generating Renewal Requests

MAUI will automatically generate renewal requests for fees expiring in the current renewal cycle. After they are generated, renewal requests must be reviewed and approved by the Registrar's Office. The renewal requests will be released to departmental initiators one month before the deadline.