The Course Fee Workflow provides an electronic process for the submission and processing of course fee requests. Using this system administrators are able to create, modify, renew, and end course fees in their department. Requests must complete an approval process that includes the departmental DEO, collegiate budget officer, academic dean, the miscellaneous fee committee, the VP of Finance & Operations, and the Provost's Office. Once approved a request will be automatically processed and made effective in MAUI's Course Fee system.  

The workflow replaces a PDF form that was submitted as a hard copy to the Registrar's Office, which shepherded requests through the Miscellaneous Fee Committee. Once approved the requests were entered manually by Registrar's Staff. An internal audit of course fees in the Fall of 2013 recommended several improvements including the workflow. Additionally, it was recommended that course fees (fee type of COURSE_FEE) have a lifespan of 5 years after which they must expire or be renewed.

Course Fee Workflow has been migrated to the Universal Electronic Workflow system.

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