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This panel contains information regarding using grading screens as an Instructor. 

The My Courses Dashboard contains information regarding the courses for which you are assigned as an instructor. This page contains links to view and perform grades-related tasks:

  • Special Permission - grant special permission and view students already granted special permission.
  • Class Roster - view detailed, "live" student information.
    • Waitlists - can be viewed on the Class Roster screen (if applicable).
  • Attend List - report Attending/Not Attending information (open for updating during Enrollment Audit dates). To establish federal financial aid eligibility, students must participate in at least one academic activity (as defined here) per class between the class start date and the attendance deadline.
  • Midterm List - report Attending/Not Attending information, and undergraduate students earning a grade of D or F at midterm (open for updating during Enrollment Audit dates).
  • Final List - report final grades for all students in the course.
  • Grade Change - submit a grade change after the final grade has been posted to the student's permanent records.

Note - Cross-referenced courses: Class rosters and all versions of the class list display students alphabetically, and indicate the department and course number of their registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and Tricks

Final Grade status definitions:

  • Saved: Applied by any instructor delegate assigned to the academic unit, or an instructor "allowed to save grades" assigned in Course Offerings. Slip will not enter workflow until grades are submitted.
  • Submitted: Applied by any instructor delegate assigned to the academic unit, or an instructor "allowed to submit grades" assigned in Course Offerings. The slip enters workflow into the 'Course Grade DEO Approval Basket' with an 'Active' status. 
    • If there is a Course Supervisor assigned to the course, the slip enters workflow into the 'Course Grade Course Supervisor Approval Basket' for approval before it can be seen by to the DEO Grades Approver.
    • If there is only one DEO Grades Approver, that user will be automatically assigned the workflow slip and will appear in the individuals universal workflow notification basket.
    • If more than one DEO Grades Approver, each user will have access to the workflow slip in the MAUI Grades Workflow screen. The user can either approve the slip which will automatically assign it to them, or they can reassign it to another user. WARNING: reassigning grades slips may result in a bug that prevents the slips from being approved by anyone by a Registrar Grades Administrator; please consider notifying the individual to whom you would have assigned the slip that they should check the MAUI Grades Workflow instead of reassignment.

  • Approved: Applied by any DEO Grades Approver. The slip remains 'Course Grade DEO Approval Basket' but has an 'Approved' status. 
    • When an instructor submits their final grades or a grade change for approval an email is generated and sent to each user who is assigned the role of DEO Approver for the academic unit the course subject points to. They will also receive a nightly email if they have unapproved workflow slips they have access to approve. If a DEO receives an email about grades, they must check MAUI workflow, not universal workflow.
  • Final: Automatically applied by MAUI to all sections during a Grade Run. 
    • If the slip was not saved OR submitted by an instructor or instructor delegate, OR approved by a DEO Grades Approver by the time a Grade Run begins, then the slip is moved into the 'Course Grade Rejected Basket' and all students are assigned 'O' placeholder grades. Individual grade change forms are required to change an 'O' grade to a letter grade.

Grade workflow status definitions:

  • Active: Assigned by MAUI once the slip is created by an instructor delegate assigned to the academic unit, or an instructor with ability to submit grades.
  • Completed: Assigned by MAUI once the slip is approved.
  • Rejected: Assigned by either a) a user with administrative access rejects the slip, or b) assigned to the earliest slip by MAUI whenever a subsequent slip is issued,


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