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This page contains instructions for adding and editing Restrictions and Seat Reservations at the section level. 

Restriction Information

Restrictions are placed on sections to determine the type of student population the department wants enrolled. Types of Restrictions vary but include such criteria as Majors Only, Honors Members, 1st Year, etc.

  • Restrictions apply to all seats in the Optimum Enrollment.
  • Restrictions can always be overridden by granting Special Permission - Planner for a student.
  • Restrictions are created by the Office of the Registrar.  If a department wants to create a new Restriction they must coordinate with their DEO and submit the request to the Office of the Registrar at requests will be reviewed before they are approved and created in MAUI.
  • Restrictions added to a section that is cross-referenced also apply to the cross-referenced section.
  • Multiple Restrictions can be placed on a section but the student must meet each Restriction in order to enroll in the section.
  • If the "Restricted for All" Restriction is selected then no other Restrictions should be used and each student will need to be granted Special Permission - Planner.
  • Restrictions will replicate from like session to like session.

Seat Reservation Information

Seat Reservations are Restrictions are placed on a specific number of seats within a section to determine the number and type of student population the department wants enrolled.

  • Seat Reservations only apply to a certain number seats in the Optimum Enrollment.
  • Seat Reservations can only be added by coordination between the Office of the Registrar and the Academic Advising Center.
  • Seat Reservations cannot be place on a section with an active Waitlist.  The Seat Reservations must be lifted or expired before a Waitlist will become active.
  • A section may have multiple Seat Reservations for different Restrictions and multiple

How to: Add Restrictions

Click for instructions regarding creating a new Restriction lookup or Cohorts (authorized users only).

Click for printable version.


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