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  • UISO Concert tour 2012 Fall-Tentative schedule
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UISO Concert tour 2012 Fall- Minneapolis MN- September 20-22, 2012 

September 20, 2012, ThursdayTentative schedule  

*Please eat prior to departure and/or bring your own snacks (NO Peanuts!)

September 20, 2012, Thursday

         6:30am       Load equipment etc.    

         7:00am       Arrive, load buses (Two buses)

         7:30am       Leave Iowa City

         12:30pm     Arrive Mall of America for lunch

         2:00pm       Leave Mall of America

         3:00pm       Arrive at Blaine High School

         3:30pm       Rehearsal

                  3:30   Prokofiev

                  4:15   Shostakovich

                  5:00 Tchaikovsky W/HS

         5:30pm       Dinner

         7:00pm       CONCERT

                           Concert dress: Man: Solid Black Tuxedo,

                                                     Women: Solid Black Dress or Pants

         8:30pm       Reception

         9:30pm       Evening with host families

September 21, 2012, FridayTentative schedule  

         8:00am       Arrive, load buses at Blaine High School

         8:20am       Leave Blaine High School

         9:20am       Arrive Edina High School

         9:45am       Rehearsal

         11:45am     CONCERT

                           Concert dress: UI Polo Shirt or Black Collared Shirt with black Pants

         1:15pm       leave Edina High School

         1:40pm       Lunch Ridgedale Mall

         3:30pm       leave Ridgedale Mall

         4:30pm       Arrive Wayzata High School

         5:00pm       Dinner (Pizza)

         5:30pm       Rehearsal

         7:00pm       CONCERT

                           Concert dress: Man: Solid Black Tuxedo,                                                                                                                                                                                  Women:Solid Black Dress or Pants

         9:00pm       Load/Leave for Iowa City

September 22, 2012, Saturday- Tentative schedule   

         2:00am       Arrive Iowa City

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