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From an administrative perspective

Space Admin
1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
2. Click 'Space Admin'
3. Look in the left column to find the function you desire

Permissions: add or remove users using their hawkid or a group id; determine level of usage for each person or group
1. Click 'Permissions'
2. To add a group or individual user, click the 'Edit Permissions' button under that category
3. Type the hawkid or group id in the 'Grant permission to' box
4. Click 'Save All'

Page Level Restrictions

Theme: change the layout of the wiki space
1. Click 'Theme'
2. Click the radio button next to the desired theme
3. Click 'Confirm'

Colour Scheme: Change the colors of text, links, etc.
1. Click 'Colour Scheme'
2. Click 'Select' next to 'Custom Color Scheme'
3. Click 'Edit'
4. Type a new Hexadecimal Code in the box (example: #008000 is Hexadecimal Code) or click the Colour Picker icon to the right of the box to choose a preset color
5. Click 'Save' after changing the desired colors

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
2. Click 'Advanced'
3. Look in the left column to find the function you desire

Templates: Create (or edit) a custom format for new pages
1. Click 'Templates'
2. Click 'Add New Space Template'
3. Add the desired formatting (columns, sections, panels)
4. Click 'Save'

To use a template you have created:
1. When you add a new page, click 'Select a page template to start from' located beneath the title of the page

From an editing perspective

Basic Editing




Text Color

























Custom character  Emotions


Insert Pictures 



Link to an attached PDF / Word Doc

Link to an external web space

Link to a page

Add a page  (from a template or from scratch)

Lable a page (start to lable your pages so people can easily find the pages they want)

Remove a page (recover removed pages or permenantly purge the removed pages)

Page organization (3 views / find a page)

Organize your page content

Source code for sections

{section} section Content {section}

Source code for columns

{column:width=50%} Column 1 Content {column}
{column:width=50%} Column 2 Content {column}

Source code for panels


Panel Content

Sandbox Time

Create personal wiki space

Open a web browser
Type in the web address:

On the upper-right corner, click on Log In

Use your hawk ID and password to log into UI wiki (default theme)

Create your personal space / choose theme / set permissions

Here you have your personal space

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