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Quarterly Fire Safety Announcement July 2009

A wiki is a shared, collaborative space in which information, electronic files, images can be shared.  This Pathology Risk Management Wiki is a space for all Pathology staff members to create, view/share, upload, download any laboratory and hospital safety information, questions or comments.  If you don't know or cannot figure out how to post to the wiki, send an email to  or   and we will make sure you are educated in how the wiki works. Also you can buy ebooks about this. It's your space, but the Risk Management Committe will monitor and manage the site to ensure accuracy of information and adherence to copyright guidelines.  Enjoy!  Be creative; be respectful.

Members can upload attachments above.
Once files are attached, they can be linked on the wiki for display and download by others.

Risk Management Officers - Safety Audit Downloads:

Ergonomics Audit - June 2008

Fire Safety Audit - August 2008

Risk Management Video of the Week:

The Work Safety Insurance Bureau in Ontario, Canada has a SERIOUS set of work safety video advertisments:  Warning....these are graphic - click here. 

ERGONOMICS ('s not entirely about ergonomics, but it's entertaining): The Office Chair  - by Malcolm Gladwell - the author of Blink.  This podcast is provided by PopTech

   Watch the video here.

OSHA Ergonomics at a Workstation

Ergonomics at work video (from

Now, if you 'feel like it' check out the UI HPO Ergonomics slides (click here).

You can even enroll in the Ergonomics ICON course by going to the Staff Self Service website, logging in with your hawk ID, clicking my training, choosing Ergonomics, and clicking 'Enroll me in this ICON course'. Once you are enrolled, you can take the quiz....this will save you some time at your yearly performance review.

OSHA Ergonomics in Healthcare link

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Powerpoint - this powerpoint is used to educate Clinical Pathology and Micro staff.  It can be used for quarterly fire safety training for any lab.

If you'd like specific slides with content regarding your lab area included, please email the information to Wendy Voigt - .

Pathology Fire Safety ppt         

UIHC Fire Safety      - these cards are provided by UIHC for your reference in the event of a fire.

Staff are often confused about Fire Extinguishers, which is why CAP and JCAHO require that we 'train' our employees to recognize different types of fires and fire extinguishers.  The following site has some excellent information that can be used to reinforce the information that is afforded staff by UIHC.  You can review the site and copy the link below. Note: the 'quiz' at the end of this flash presentation has been disabled, however all information is accurate and valid.

09/09/08 - Please note - UIHC has now added NEW Fire Extinguisher Module with slides and a quiz to the Hospital Wide Compliance ICON course.  

This is an annual course that must be completed each year.

This UIHC ICON module will be one of the replacements for what we previously knew as UIHC 'Hands On' Fire Safety.  Here is the material that is contained in the UIHC module for your review (click).

  • Managers might consider asking NEW EMPLOYEES to take the course as part of their safey orientation.
  • The ICON course must be completed on a yearly basis during the performance appraisal.

Quarterly Fire Safety in Pathology will occur in January, April, July, and October (see RM Calendar).

During each one of these months, the Departmental Fire Safety Review Form/Checklist (click to print a copy) will be read at staff meetings, distributed in email or ICON and and initialed by all staff.

A copy of the completed checklist should be sent to the Department's Risk Management Coordinator, C683 GH.

CLINICAL PATHOLOGY can download their checklist for 6RC Quarterly Fire Safety Review by clicking

Core Quarterly Fire Safety Review-July 2009

Clinical Path Fire Safety Documents:

In the Clinical (Core) Laboratories, a Safety Quiz will also be assigned on ICON each quarter. The questions for this quarter can be reviewed at this link, and the quiz can be completed at the Core Path Risk Management ICON site.

Additionally, two (2) Live Fire Drills will be conducted by each lab on a yearly basis .  The materials for these live fire drills will be posted below.  If you are a Core Laboratory employee, this information and your participation in the drills will also be posted on your Core Pathology Risk Management ICON site.


Fire Safety Policies for UIHC and Department of Pathology are listed below (login is required for controlled documents).

600.300: Fire Safety (Pathology)
Fire Safety Card

Anatomic Path Quarterly Fire Safety Training


Chemical Safety

Spill instructions.pdf[]

Chemical Spill Safety CardSRC-ChemSpillResponse 2007.doc

Pathology SOP

 MSDS Database at HPO

Tornado Safety

Tornado Safety Card    Pathology Tornado Policy