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Fibromatosis Colli

  •  Also known as sternocleidomastoid (SCM) pseudotumor of infancy
  •  On exam a non-tender mass is found in the region of the sternocleidomastoid in an infant
  •  Most commonly in the middle to lower third of the muscle, right more common than left, with uncommon bilateral occurrences known
  •  On CT: no calcifications or signs of inflammation (no fat-stranding or edema); non-enhancing with contrast
  •  On MR:
    •  T1 shows a fusiform enlagement of the SCM with isointensity to muscle
    •  Isointense to muscle unless fibrosis present (appears hyperintense) on T2
    •  T1 post-contrast will show enhancement
  •  Ultrasound perhaps best modality to show muscle enlargement and variable echogenicity
  •  Rare lesion with an incidence of 0.4%, seen in cases of breech or forceps deliveries
  •  May present with torticollis in up to 20% of cases

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