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Vagal Paraganglioma

  •  Also known as glomus vagale paraganglioma, vagal body tumor, vagle chemodectoma, glomus vagale 
  •  Benign tumor arising from neural crest cells of the nodose ganglia of the vagus nerve
  •  Look for enhancement on CT with contrast and "salt and pepper" appearance on T1 MR
  •  Arises 1-2 cm below the jugular foramen and can displace fat anteriorly and the ICA anteromedially
  •  Large at presentation (2-8 cm) with clear margination; spreads most commonly caudally towards the carotid biforcation or cranially to the jugular foramen
  •  On CT: muscle density with non-contrast; intense enhancement with contrast
  •  On MR: "pepper" (black dots) and "salt" appearance (white dots - uncommon) on T1, hyperintense and good spread definitinon on post-contrast T1
  •  Occurs most commonly btween ages 40-60 with a 1:3 male to female predominance

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