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 Welcome to the EMPOWERR wiki page!

 CTS Template

Generic CTS Template-12-16-11.doc

October 4, 2011 Academic Year Seminar 

Documents from our Tuesday, October 4, 2011 N300 Lindquist Center meeting

Logistic Note Tuesday, October 4, 2011 Academic Year Seminar  Our

RTOP for EMPOWERR- Adapted for University of Iowa EMPOWERR MSP Project, 2011


RTOP Training Guide This training guide can help explain the uses of the RTOP. On pages 3-10 you can find additional details about how RTOP

may be used to reflect on teaching practice and the ways RTOP envisions evaluating those practices.



July 2011 Year 4 *Monday, July 25, 2011 through Thursday July 28, 2011, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. in N300 Lindquist Center

July 2011 Workshop logistics note


July 2011 Workshop Pre Workshop Assignments

 (linked in editable MSWord format and in pdf format),. 

 Pre-Workshop Assignments-06-27-11.doc

Pre-Workshop Assignments-06-27-11.pdf

Below this sentence is a link to the Formative Assessment article by Margaret Heritage in the Phi Delta Kappan which is part of the pre-workshop assignment.


We welcome your enthusiam and expertise as EMPOWERR moves forward.

 For summary information on EMPOWERR click on the link below.
EMPOWERR Year 3 Summary Fact Sheet

You may post comments related to EMPOWERR on this page. We have included some links below to web pages with EMPOWERR documents and/or other information.

We include below links on teaching and learning which were already or will be part of our workshop activities.

Iowa Core Curriculum links:

Iowa Core Curriculum web site

Iowa Core Mathematics (Nov. 2011)

NCTM Links:

NCTM Interactive GEOBOARD (Applet 4.2) An on-line interactive geoboard from NCTN
This site contains a graphic illustrating various features of geoboards. You can move electronic rubber bands around pegs to create and study geometric properties of shapes.

Geoboard On Line Interactive NCTM

NCTM Interactive REGRESSION LINE (Applet 7.4):*

NCTM Regression Line

This site contains graphic illustrating various features of regression lines and other approximating lines for data points. You can move the data points, the lines and the methods used for computing regression lines (the functions to be minimized).

Additional Links:

Common Core State Standards Initiative-Mathematics

Developing Mathematical Thinking with Effective Questions-From the PBS Teacherline

Classroom Learning Environment-Primary Students and "Disequilibrium"

How People Learn: Bridging Research and Practice NAP

National Math Panel Report USDE 2008

*+We include below links to math-related computer resources which may be of interest.

1. DP GRAPH: DPGraph is a 3D interactive grapher and viewer. You see 3D objects (examples are provided) and can rotate them in space any way you like using the keyboard arrow keys, zoom in/out, modify them, add new parts, make parts transparent, etc. etc. Click on the link below to see the main DPGraph page.

DPGraph-an interactive 3D grapher/viewer-EMPOWERR partipants may download free!

Because EMPOWERR participants register as University of Iowa students, you may download DPGraph by clicking on the DPGraph listing for the University of Iowa  site license at the linkDPGraph U. Iowa Site License Download link

2. FRACTIONS AND MUSICAL NOTES: Phil Tulga's web site with lots of fun activities relating music and mathematics.

Musical Notes and Fractions-play songs and see the fractions!

3. CPMPTOOLS: CPMPTools is free math software developed at Michigan State University. It has features which allow you to do Computer Algebra System (CAS) manipulations, Spread Sheet functions, Dynamic Geometry (like a simple version of Geometer's Sketchpad), Statistics and Discrete Math functions. Originally developed to support the Core Plus Mathematics Project, it may be used independently from any curricula. Click on the link below to see the main CPMPTools page, which includes a download button.

CPMPTools-free math program-CAS,Spread Sheet, Dynamic Geom, Stats, Discrete Math

4. TETRIS 3D: This is a three-dimensional version of the popular Tetris video game, which you can play on-line. You get game pieces made of four cubes and try to assemble those as they fall. You can turn/rotate the pieces in space using keyboard keys (explained in the link below).

Tetris 3D

5. National Virtual Manipulative Library: This site contains a great variety of on-line math activities which can be used with students at different levels. There are virtual manipulative-based activies on number and operations algebra geometry measurement probability etc. There is an index by grade levels.

National Virtual Manipulative Library

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  1. Anonymous


    I am looking on the Wiki page for the link to the post-seminar project ideas, but I am not seeing it here. I did see it when you showed the Wiki page in class....


    1. Hi Lynda,

      That project list is on the "Attachments" page of the welcome page. Click on the "Page Operations" link on the left side of the Welcome page and it should show a menu. That menu should include a link named Attachments. Click on Attachments to see a

      list of EMPOWERR items I have shown in the seminar. One of those is the post-workshop assignment list.


      1. Anonymous

        Got it....boy, do I feel " toadally" inept! Thanks, Walter.

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    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our whole community will be grateful to you.