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Share what tools you're using to accomplish tasks outside of the standard set defined in the Environment Setup

General Tools




Best standard text editor out there!

GitHub Desktop

Git client that makes it easy to use version control from a GUI


Great SSH client for Windows. Useful to gain access to StarExec from off campus


File transfer client for Windows good for copying files onto starexec head node

Cisco AnyConnect

VPN client to connect to the campus network from home

Application Profiling

TPTP Profiler

Sometimes it is good to know how well your code performs in terms of memory and runtime. For critical parts of starexec (such as the lower layers and database interaction) it is essential that we are as efficient as possible. To monitor efficiency we can utilize a neat tool called the TPTP profiler which monitors the web server as it executes code on the fly.


  1. Open Eclipse and go to Help -> Install new software...
  2. In the Work With... box, type in and press enter
  3. A list of TPTP releases should appear in the listbox below, scroll to the latest one (4.7.2 as of this writing) and expand it
  4. Check TPTP Profiling for Web Applications hit next, accept any licenses and keep hitting next/finish until the tool installs
  5. Restart Eclipse when prompted
  6. To profile your application while it runs, right click the server in the servers tab and select Profile
  7. By default, you won't be able to see starexec classes, you need to add org.starexec.* to the filter include list
  8. Review this video for help
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