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Welcome to The Teaching Commons

Using The Teaching Commons

Welcome to the Rhetoric Department Teaching Commons Wiki!

This site is designed to foster collective, collaborative efforts among Rhetoric instructors.  Are you looking for an activity, exercise, assignment idea for your Rhetoric class?  Look no further, you can find materials through the links to your left!  Are you looking to share materials with other instructors?  Simply click on the "submitting assignments" link and upload any materials you like!  Through this kind of sharing, our "commons" enacts the principle that sharing knowledge produces more lively, rigorous and exciting teaching.

The link "Assignments" to the left will take you to different versions of the formal writing, speaking, and reading assignments that structure the Rhetoric Department curricula

The link "Exercises" will take you to the informal assignments that make up dailly life in the Rhetoric classroom and that you might use to lead up to a formal assignment.

You also may search for materials according to the major assignment sequence: Analysis, Describing Controversy (Mapping), and Advocacy.

On each page, you can add comments and respond to the comments of others.

Like all wikis, this site will change as we gain valuable feedback from you. Comments, suggestions, etc. should be emailed to:

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