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Callbacks for You're Still Here will be:

Tuesday, March 7th 8p-10p TB 170

Wednesday, March 8th 8p-10p TB 172

We will be posting a detailed call schedule on Monday. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Elizabeth Sarsfield, Stage Manager (elizabeth-sarsfield@uiowa.edu).

Tuesday, March 7th 8-10p

Sarah Gazdowicz
Margaret John
Braxten Jones
Ashlee Zlatna

Susan Fuhrmeister
Mary Lukas

Joshua Fryvecind

Wednesday, March 8th 8p-10p

Jen Hogan
Asha Keller
Dajzané Meadows-Sanderlin
Emily Parr
Valerie Davine
Julie Englander
Monte Howell