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  • Auditions for Advanced Acting course - Fall 2020

THTR:4144 Acting: Special Topics: Shakespeare

Online submissions must be received by 12pm on April 11th.  Please email the link and if necessary the password to your online audition to Mary Mayo (mary-mayo@uiowa.edu).  No submissions will be accepted after 12pm.

Prepare one contemporary monologue; no longer than one and a half minutes that you feel best demonstrates your strengths.
If you have auditioned for Advanced Acting previously and been passed on, you do not have to audition again.  If you were not passed on previously, you may audition again.

 Online Audition Instructions:

  • Applicants must perform a monologue of their choosing
  • The monologue may not exceed one and a half minutes. This does not include an introduction.
  • There may be NO edits to this video whatsoever.
  • The applicant must be framed from the feet to the top of the head.
  • No live auditions will be scheduled
  • Links and passwords must be emailed Mary Mayo.


Prerequisites: Acting II, Theatre Movement, and Voice for the Actor 

NOTE: You must have completed Acting II by the end of the current semester to audition. This means that you can audition if you are currently enrolled in Acting II this spring.
You can be enrolled in either Theatre Movement OR Voice for the Actor concurrently during the semester you enroll in Advanced Acting, so long as you have completed either Theatre Movement OR Voice for the Actor prior enrolling.

If you have any questions, please email the Head of Acting: paul-kalina@uiowa.edu

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