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Blended Learning Module Design

188:195:SCA Arts Leadership Seminar

Instructor: David McGraw

Introduction [Monday April 14, 2011]

David will provide a short introduction to the goals and expectations for the blended learning week.

Readings [Monday April 14, 2011]

Lecture [Tuesday April 19, 2011]

FDC will encode, upload and distribute David’s recorded lecture via ICON.

JotForm Survey Creation [Thursday April 21, 2011 – 5pm]

Use the online survey tool, JotForm, ( to create two surveys. The surveys are based on your previous Arts in Education project:

  • 1 survey is to be completed by the Student Participant (e.g., 2nd grader in one-week music appreciation course).  If student is too young to read, survey is designed for parent to assist student.
  • 1 Survey is to be completed by the Observer (classroom teacher or similar personnel)

Submitting surveys

FDC will collect and create:

  • Directions for using Jotform
    • Requirement: all surveys must include a text field for survey taker names and feedback
    • The Jotform video for beginners:
    • Supplement this video with by producing more specific screencasts on how to use Jotform for the assignment
      • Directions for producing and sharing surveys
        • Save your survey
        • Click Preview
        • Copy “Form URL”
        • Paste “Form URL” into Word document
      • Directions for producing and sharing survey Reports (survey data)
        • Go to My Forms (tab on top of
        • Select the survey
        • Click on "Reports"
        • In the dropdown, click "Add New Report"
        • In pop-up window, click Visual Report Builder
        • On the next screen, if you have statistical data you should see a graph
          • You'll need to add a Grid Listing so you can see all the data
          • Click "Edit Report" in the upper-right
          • In the "Widgets" pop, click and drag the "Grid Listing" under your graph
          • Close the "Widgets"
        • Now, Click Share Report
          • Copy the URL under "Share by URL"
          • Paste URL into Word document with the URL to your surveys
    • Upload Word doc into ICON dropbox
  • Surveys will be collected from the ICON Dropbox and posted in ICON Content Thursday evening, 6pm       
    • This document will Includes assignment for taking surveys (Survey Feedback)
    • For example: Student A will take surveys from Student B, Student C, Student D, and Student E

Survey Feedback [Sunday April 23, 2011 – 11:59pm]

Fill out assigned surveys. Do both Student Participant and Observer surveys. You'll see 8 survey links.

  • See the survey list posted in ICON (Thursday, 6pm) to get to access to four classmate surveys.
  • Include feedback about the survey
    • What do you think did the survey did well? How do you think it could improve?

Reflection [Tuesday April 26, 2011 – 3:30pm]

Write a short essay (1-2 paragraphs) on how to improve your survey.

  • Summarize your Arts in Education project (learning objectives?)
  • List classmates that commented on your survey
  • Usefulness of raw data collected
  • What would you change about the survey, based on the feedback you received?
  • Upload Reflection document to ICON Dropbox

Review [Tuesday April 26, 2011]

Discussion on the process of creating the survey using JotForm

  • David will choose one or two especially insightful reflections for discussion
  • FDC will conduct a brief evaluation of blended learning week
    • Ask for permission to take photo and record audio of feedback

Time expectations:


2.00 hours

Online, individual


0.50 hours

Online, individual

JotForm Survey Creation

3.00 hours

Online, individual

Survey Responses

1.00 hours

Online, peer


2.50  hours

Online, peer & individual

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